Saturday, September 10, 2011

Puppy Love!

Just thought I'd share this little but of cute-ness from JJ and Sovatdy's Wedding today. Yes these cute little balls of fur walked down the isle with the happy couple. All though the doggie bride lost her little doggie dress about half way into the ceremony, but was panting and wagging it's tail all the same. I can't wait to post all those this couple fun shots so far. Well I'm off like a doggie dress to go shoot their reception!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Logan and Karley's Formals - Sneek Peek!

Here is a little preview of the formal shoot I did with these two cuties last night. They actually got married a couple weeks ago. And it was seriously so beautiful! And the weather was gorgeous all through the ceremony and up until we were just about finished with the formal group shots. We felt a few raindrops, then it started to downpour - which totally took all the time we had planned for shots of just the two of them. So I told Karley she had to let me do another shoot with them! I tell ya though, these two have an awesome family! I've never seen a group of people work as quickly and efficiently together as their family did. Once the rain stopped they had that place looking just as beautiful as it did before! It turned out to be an awesome night!