Monday, August 16, 2010

Alaina - Sneak Peak

Does it seem like all I ever do anymore are sneak peaks? I really couldn't resist with this cute on of Alaina! I just love everything about it! I'm actually going to do a second shoot with Alaina this week, so I don't have all the pictures yet to do a full post. The first location I picked was a super cool field, which I loved, but it had a ton of prickers, which I didn't love and neither did Alaina. So by the time we got to another location, we had lost a lot of light and Alaina was getting tired. I'm super excited I get to spend more time with her, I mean look at that smile, who wouldn't right? :)
The next few weeks are going to be spent playing catch up. I've just completed the bulk of my weddings for the season. It's been extremely busy and it's really truly been a blast. I really feel fortunate for the jobs I've had this summer and I am so excited to finally have time post everything I've done. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Plott Family

This family is awesome, in many ways. They kept me laughing the entire time I was photographing them. I'm telling you, if you want some good entertainment, hang out with these kids for an hour. They've got so much personality, which I really think shows up in their pictures. Kacy did such an awesome job of coordinating everyone's outfits. Everyone looks so great. Thanks for the fun time!